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Specialty Chemicals

Additive specially developed for Black Masterbatch

Grade Name: Add Disperse 10
Melting Point: 118 ± 5 ° C

Has a very good wettability with carbon black
Improve gloss and shine in black masterbatch as well as other colour masterbatch

Black Masterbatch
Colour Masterbatch

Low melting point Processing Aid

Grade Name: Add Disperse C
Melting Point: 58 ± 5 ° C

Filler Masterbatch (Calcium & Talc)
PVC Pipe (Rigid & Flexible)

Glycerin Monostearate (GMS)

Shining agent in PVC

Glycerol Monotearate (Industrial grade) is yellowish solid wax in flake or powder form, without odour and toxicity, our GMS has passed inspection in compliance with the limits as set by RoHS directive.


Chemical description: Fatty Acid Ester

Melting Point: 84-87 ° C

Internal Lubricant for rigid PVC Extruded/molded products, film, bottles, pipes fittings etc., For improving flow properties in footwear Compounds, cables, Gramophone records etc.


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