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PVC Resin

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), often known as vinyl. It is a versatile, durable, affordable and recyclable plastic material used for a wide range of applications. PVC is one of the oldest synthetic materials, with the longest history in industrial production. Its discovery dates back to the 19th century by French physicist Henri Regnault and by the German Eugen Baumann. Today, PVC is the third largest-selling commodity plastic in the world, after polyethylene and polypropylene. Globally, the growth of the industry over the last 100 years has been spectacular. Production capacity has grown from a few thousand tons in the 1930s to over 50 million tons today.

PVC Production type or how to select PVC Resin or which PVC Resin to Buy

Carbide based PVC Resin is produced by acetylene of carbide and hydrogen chloride plus direct synthesis of vinyl chloride (VCM), ethylene-based PVC resin is obtained by ethylene chlorination. The molecular mass of Carbide based PVC resin is lower than ethylene-based PVC resin, and carbide-based PVC resin molecular mass distribution is wider than ethylene process PVC resin. Narrow mass can get better processing properties, the thermal stability, heat distortion temperature, electrical insulation, mechanical strength and aging resistance of PVC resin. Ethylene based PVC is purer than Carbide based PVC resin, so compare with two type PVC resin, Ethylene based PVC resin quality better than carbide-based PVC resin, ethylene based use less lubricants and impact modifier in producing PVC Pipe.

Source- Jiangxi Yuefeng Group Polymer Co. Ltd, Sophie 0086-15367852031


Application of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
PVC is a versatile material that offers numerous possible applications, these include; drainage pipe, water service pipe, window frames, medical devices, blood storage bags, cable and wire insulation, resilient flooring, roofing membranes, stationary, automotive interiors and seat coverings, fashion and footwear, packaging, cling film, credit cards, vinyl records, synthetic leather and other coated fabrics among others.


Manufactures of PVC

Top 10 PVC Manufacturers in the World by production capacity (in kt) are

S. No. Company Name Production Capacity in KT Country
1 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd 3850 Japan
2 Formosa Plastics Corp 3300 Taiwan
3 Inovyn ChlorVinyls Limited 2500 United Kingdom
4 ChemChina 1950 China
5 Orbia (formerly Mexichem) 1800 Mexico
6 Westlake Chemical Corporation 1800 USA
7 OxyVinyls (Occidental Corp.) 1700 USA
8 CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang Co., Ltd 1500 China
9 LG Chem 1500 Korea
10 Axiall 1200 USA
The few other manufactures in Indian market are 
a Reliance Industries 750 India
b Chemplast Sanmar Ltd 270 India
c Finolex Industries Ltd 260 India
d DCW Ltd 90 India
e DCM Shriram 70 India
f China General Plastic Limited Taiwan
g Hanwha Solutions Chemical Korea
h Ocean Plastic Corp Taiwan
i Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd Taiwan
j Mitusbishi Corporation Japan
k Celanese Corporation USA
l DuPont USA
m SABIC Saudi Arabia

* List is not exhaustive, production capacity may vary

Scenario in India of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Around 75% of PVC in India was consumed in the pipes and fittings sector. This is in stark contrast to the consumption pattern worldwide, where pipes and fittings account for only approx. 43% of the total. PVC applications in India other than Pipes & Fittings are still in the early stages and are primed for growth. This, along with the relatively low per capita PVC consumption in India, shows that future prospects for the Indian PVC processing industry are bright. Currently, most of the PVC produced in India is based on imported ethylene dichloride (EDC) or vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

In India, PVC is almost always short- supplied, because of high dependence on import, importers are importing inferior processed quality of PVC as well; PVC produced by process of carbide process, which impact the PVC processing industry especially small and medium enterprises.

How to choose PVC for Pipe
One of the most critical parameters is K value, hence check the K Value of product, it must be between 65 to 67 for PVC Pipe applications. But K value in itself does not guarantee the quality of PVC, customer must check the production process, ethylene based processed PVC always gives better results. For application like Pipe fittings & Garden pipe K value should be in between 55 to 57.

Generally available imported PVC Resin Suspension Grade in Eastern India

Grade Name Brand Name Origin K Value Application
LS100H LG Chem Korea 67 Pipe, Profile
LS100E LG Chem Korea 67 Pipe, Profile
LS100S LG Chem Korea 66 Flexible Sheet, Leather Sheet, Wrap
S65D Formosa Taiwan 65-67 Rigid Pipe and Molding
S65 Formosa Taiwan 65-67 Intended for soft application
TH1000 (Rigid) TAIYO VINYL CORPORATION Japan 65.7−67.7 Pipes, Corrugated sheets, Window frames
TH1000 (Soft) TAIYO VINYL CORPORATION Japan 65.7−67.7 Flexible films, Food films, Hosepipes, Wires and Cables, Tape
H66 CGPC Taiwan 65-67 Pipe, profile
P-1000 Hanwha Korea 66 Pipe, profile
SG660 SCG Plastics Co., Ltd Thailand 66 Flexible sheet packaging


SP660 SCG Plastics Co., Ltd Thailand 65.50 Pipe, Door and window frame, Construction profile


Ocean Plastics Co., Ltd Taiwan 65-67 General rigid sheets and pipe, good for rigid

or flexible product

TK-1000 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Japan 67 Rigid/ Flexible
TK-700 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Japan 58 Flexible
SPVC 60S SABIC Saudi Arabia 60 calendaring, extrusion and thermoforming application
SPVC 67S SABIC Saudi Arabia 67 Rigid pipes (pressure and non-pressure), Corrugated tubes and conduits, Rigid profiles

Why to buy PVC Resin from SNG Microns Private Limited

We at SNG Microns Pvt Ltd, import superior quality of PVC; ethylene based processed PVC.  There are various advantages of ethylene based processed PVC in pipe and fittings industry as mentioned above. Our PVC business partners are located across the globe, we import from top manufactures of world. Connect with us know available grades for specific applications. Our Warehouse located at Kolkata, West Bengal and Patna, Bihar to served the North and East India.

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