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Coloration of Plastics is a key process which is mainly carried out to improve Plastics’ aesthetics and to enhance Plastics’ performance in use.

Pigments are of two types: organic and inorganic. Organic pigments are brighter, purer, and richer in colour than inorganic pigments; however, they are more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation damage, chemical damage, and colour bleeding. Also, organic pigments are translucent and therefore do not add to the hiding ability of the paint. Inorganic pigments are considered hiding or semi hiding pigments and are low priced. However, the colours of inorganic pigments tend to be earthy and muddy.

Available Pigment with SNG Microns Private Limited


Alpha Blue
Phthalocyanine Pigment Alpha Blue 15:1 is the more heat stable than Pigment Blue 15:0. It is also an alpha modification of CPC (Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment) Blue Crude. We recommend this pigment for PVC Pipe applications. More heat stable form makes it be selected for the polymer / plastic applications. Wide range of grades for specific applications of Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15:1 is available with us. 15.3, 15.4 are beta modification of CPC (Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment). 15.0 is alpha modification of CPC but weaker than 15.1

Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue Pigments offer a unique reddish blue shade that make white shades appear whiter, grey shades appear bluer, and black shades appear deeper.  They are semi-transparent to visible light and provide transparency.

Our Ultramarine Blue pigment properties include ease of dispersion with excellent dimensional stability, resulting in no warping or shrinkage.

We take extra pre-cautions in selection of raw materials ingredients, so that the end product could offers fine colour quality. SNG microns is known for offering best & the right quality products as per customer’s end application. We provide best products to our customers at competitive prices. All our products are manufactured using high quality raw materials in tandem with the international norms or standards. 

The products we offer to the customers are widely applauded by them for having attributes like precise composition, high purity and longer shelf life. To retain the quality of offered pigments for a long time, we provide these in proper packaging. 

Carbon Black
Our carbon black Non-ASTM Speciality Black. It is very cost-effective pigment black with an optimum structure most suitable for commodity plastic masterbatch, plastic pipes, films and moulded articles. It has a bluish undertone.  It is a cleaner pigment black with better jetness and bluish undertone. Finds extensive use in plastics, news ink and coarse staple fibres. Provides easy dispersion and excellent coverage area. 

Optical Brightener
OB Vs OB-1, Which one to choose?

Parameters OB OB-1
Appearance Pale yellowish colour powder Yellowish or yellowish green crystal powder
Melting Point 196-203 °C 353-359 °C
Assay (Minimum) 98% 98%
Ash (Maximum) 0.3% 0.3%
Molecular formula C26H2602N2S C28H18N202
Shade (on final product) Exceptional whitening properties Very brilliant white effect with neutral to blue-violet shade

It’s different, so choose carefully. Our technical experts suggest the best suitable product and grade for customer’s applications.

Shiner is our special product which help in bringing shinning in PVC application, especially PVC Pipe & fittings. 

Types of Pigments
Based on the method of their formulation, pigments can be categorized into two types: inorganic pigments and organic pigments.

Organic Pigments Inorganic Pigments

Organic Pigments
This type of pigments occurs naturally and they’ve been used for centuries. They’re quite simple in their chemical structure. They’re named organic as they contain minerals and metals that give them their colour. Organic pigment manufacturers produce them through a simple process that’s made of washing, drying, powdering and combining into a formulation.

Compared to inorganic pigments, this usage of these pigments is less frequent and that’s why there are limited number of organic pigment suppliers. These pigments are used when the required colour strength isn’t too much.

The key manufactures in the global organic pigments market are

Manufacturers Name Country
BASF Germany
Clariant Switzerland
DIC Corporation Japan
Heubach GmbH Germany
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd India
Ferro Corporation US
Trust Chem Co. Ltd China
Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co. Ltd Japan
DCL Corporation Canada
Toyocolor Co. Ltd Japan

* List is not exhaustive

Inorganic Pigments
As you can guess by its name, this type of pigments is exactly the opposite type of organic pigments. These pigments are also known as “synthetic pigments.” They’re formulized in labs and offer great scope of control to inorganic pigment manufacturers. Inorganic pigments are manufactured by relatively simple chemical processes such as oxidation.

Inorganic pigment mainly gets used in plastics, paints, synthetic fibers and ink industry. It is useful where bright colours are required, organic pigments are used as they bolster high colour strength. Inorganic pigments include white opaque pigments which are commonly used to lighten other colours and also to provide opacity.

The key manufactures in the global inorganic pigments market are

Manufacturers Name Country
Venator UK
The Chemours Company USA
Tronox Limited USA
Kronos Worldwide, Inc. USA
Cathay Industries China
Clariant Switzerland
Ferro Corporation USA
Heubach GmbH Germany
Lomon Billions China
Alabama Pigments Company USA
Cabot Corporation US
Carl Schlenk AG Germany
Dominion Colour Corporation Canada
DyStar USA
ECKART GmbH Germany
INEOS Pigments USA
Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. China
Matapel Chemicals Indonesia
Tasnee Saudi Arabia
Sudarshan Chemicals India
Sun Chemical US
Tata Pigments India
Zhejiang Huayuan Pigments Co., Ltd China

* List is not exhaustive

Why to buy Pigments from SNG Microns Private Limited

We are backed by team of experienced professionals assisting us in sourcing premium quality products. Our team have knowledge about the latest technological advancements due to their rich industry experience, which helps us in fulfilling the exact requirements of our customers. Further, the quality experts at SNG Microns help us to ensure our products are as per international quality standards.


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