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One Pack Lubricant

One Pack Lubricant, as name suggest, it replaces all other external lubricants like Stearic Acid, Waxes, GMS, etc.

Grade of One Pack Lubricant available at SNG Microns Private Limited

One Pack Lubricant – KT- 25 One Pack Lubricant – 85 One Pack Lubricant – 90 One Pack Lubricant – 100

KT-25 is one pack lubricant, suitable for manufacturing rigid PVC Pipe, profile and conduit. This product is suitable for both single screw and twin-screw extruders. This product increase output by approximate 5%. Total lubricant level reduces by approximate 15-20%. Melting Point 100 – 104 ° C

One Pack Lubricant – 85/90/100
Melting point of One Pack Lubricant Point starting from 60 Degree Centigrade to 110 degrees Centigrade. Lubricating performance is significantly enhanced by replacing Polyethylene Wax, H.C wax, Paraffin wax, Stearic Acid, GMS and other lubricating waxes.

Key benefits of One Pack Lubricant

One ingredient replaces several others Improved accuracy of ingredient weights
Better reproductivity of compounding Reduce inventory and Streamline inventory management system
Increase production output Improves impact strength of commercial pipes

One Pack Lubricant replaces multiple chemicals without affecting the stability of the compound. Not only is the combined dose of lubricants reduced, the quality of the pipes produced is also improved. Several benefits can be derived from this product like increase in screw barrel life, improved impact and hydrostatic properties, improved surface gloss and reduced surface imperfections, etc.

One Pack Lubricant materials specially developed for rigid PVC application like PVC pipes, Profiles, Pressure Pipes, Non-Pressure Pipes etc. It is suitable for both Commercial rigid PVC Pipes containing higher filler levels and ISI Pipes.

Dosages of our One Pack Lubricant materials varies based on grade available with us. Also, the filler % decide the quantity of dosages. Do call us for free technical advice.

Why to buy from SNG Microns Private Limited
Our technical experts to demonstrate the tremendous benefits inherent in this product during the free consulting or on-site during manufacturing. Our one of customer has saved INR 58.37 lakh per annum just to replace other lubricants (Wax, Stearic Acid) with our One Pack Lubricant.


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