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Paint Driers

What does Drier Mean? Driers are various compounds added to paints and coatings intended to decrease the drying time of the paint or coating. Driers help corrosive paints improve their drying characteristics even at low temperatures and in humid atmospheres.

Driers are important additives for paints & coatings as they speed up the autoxidation procedure. Without these drying substances the cross-linking process slows down, allowing the paint layer to dry only after few months post application. With driers the formation of a firm film is achieved generally within a few hours after paint application.

The main function of a drier is to quicken the drying of linseed oil in the paint and in consequence paint film becomes hard. Paint film gets hardened as drier absorbs oxygen from the air & transfer it to the linseed oil.

Driers are mainly metal octoates and naphthenates and the role of the drier is determined mostly by the metal constituent of the drier compound, such as cobalt octoate. Cobalt is the utmost active drying substance at ambient drying conditions. Still, other driers play an essential role in film hardness and performance.

Key features of Paint Driers

  1. Quicken drying procedure
  2. Easily soluble
  3. Required in small quantity
  4. To be added just before use
  5. Compatible with paint

Types of Paint Driers

Primary or Active Driers Secondary or Auxiliary or Through Driers Combination of driers

Primary or Active Driers
Primary driers are autoxidation catalysts, and as such function predominantly as surface driers, where the dioxygen concentration is highest. It is most unusual to use a main drier in a coating formulation without a supplementary secondary or auxiliary drier.

Secondary or Auxiliary or Through Driers
Secondary driers are active in the cross-linking steps of drying, they are accountable for overall drying throughout the entire paint layer. These driers link fatty acid chains via oxygen-metal-oxygen bridges which leads to cross-links.

Combination of Driers
It is a combination of primary, through & auxiliary driers that provide even and fast drying. It also reduces the chance of batch disparity.

Benefits of using a Combination Drier

  • Storage Stability, avoiding degradation
  • Simplified handling and dosing
  • Stock only one Drier
  • Easier logistic control
  • Lower VOC – avoid the addition of unnecessary extra solvents

Why to buy from SNG Microns Private Limited
We at SNG Microns Private Limited offers driers with very high purity and consistent viscocity that ensures consistent performance in terms of drying time and properties of the paint film after complete drying. Connect wit us for wide ranges of paint drier available with us.


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