Quality, Openness, Togetherness, Trust and Technology
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We are working on five principles approached mentored by our directors;

Quality, Openness, Togetherness, Trust and Technology which is helping business to thrive.

The vision of SNG Microns Private Limited is to be

"The most preferred business partner of plastic raw materials manufacturers".

Why to choose SNG Microns Private Limited as your supplier

  • Consistency in quality of raw materials
  • Assured Availability
  • Zero Tolerance for Complaints
  • Technical support
  • Faster delivery facilities
  • Customers’ Satisfaction and Trust

We begin our journey in year 2006; we have over 25 years of technical experience and winning heart of customers over last 15 years and become one of the largest importers, wholesaler of minerals powder and chemicals raw materials for plastic industry in eastern India. SNG Microns Private Limited is synonymous with Quality Products. Working […]

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PVC Resin

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), often known as vinyl. It is a versatile, durable, [...]

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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate, or CaCO3, comprises more than 4% of the earth’s crust and [...]

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One Pack Stabilizer

A One Pack Stabilizer is a pack of additives added during the processing of [...]

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One Pack Lubricant

One Pack Lubricant, as name suggest, it replaces all other external lubricants [...]

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Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid is a saturated long-chain fatty acid with an 18-carbon backbone. [...]

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Waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds that [...]

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Titanium Di-oxide

Titanium dioxide, also called titania, (TiO2), a white, opaque, naturally [...]

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Paint Driers

What does Drier Mean? Driers are various compounds added to paints and coatings [...]

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Impact Modifier

Most rigid and semi rigid PVC compounds have impact performance requirements [...]

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DOP & Epoxy

Plasticiser are low molecular weight substances that is added to a material to [...]

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Specialty Chemicals

Additive specially developed for Black Masterbatch Grade Name: Add Disperse 10 [...]

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Coloration of Plastics is a key process which is mainly carried out to improve [...]

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Calcium stearate (CS) and Zinc stearate (ZS) are Metallic stearates. Metallic [...]

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