Impact Modifier & CPE

Most rigid and semi rigid PVC compounds have impact performance requirements that can be met only through the use of impact modifiers Generally, in order to improve the impact resistance of PVC products, impact modifiers (toughening agents) are being used.

For the superior impact we supply:

CPE 135A; CPE is chlorinated polyethylene polymers produced by combining chlorine and polyethylene. CPE 135A has the highest molecular weight, this grade has the excellent mechanical performance and high filler acceptance.

ELASTOPACK; Impact Modifier, Compared to CPE, impact modifiers, have the following advantages:

(1) Imparts excellent low-temperature impact resistance. Excellent weatherability.

(2) Improves product surface gloss greatly. Wide processing range for high speed extrusion.

(3) Improves impact strength and imparts good rigidity of product.

and few other advantages…

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