Calcium Carbonate

We have Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), Activated Calcium Carbonate (ACC) and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) with us.

We directly import and source from state of the art Domestic and Global manufactures, who have very high quality manufacturing facilities and technology of world standards, which ensures consistent quality products.

We focus on meeting and exceeding the utmost expectations of our customers in term of Quality of products.

Quality control: Our in-house product Quality teams and tie-up with world renowned lab house left no particle untouched from maintaining quality of CaCO3 powder. Quality team members monitor and control continuously and strictly from each and every batch manufactured with support of the most advanced devices.

Applications: Plastics, Paint, Paper, Rubber and many other Industries.
Packaging: 25kg PP and 50kg PP Bags

Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM004C [Origin- Vietnam]
Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM006C [Origin- India]
Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM775C [Origin- India]
Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM203C [Origin- India]


Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM004 [Origin- Vietnam]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM006 [Origin- India]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM775 [Origin- India]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM203 [Origin- India]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM208 [Origin- India]


Precipitated Calcium Carbonate – PCC100 [Origin- Vietnam]


Activated Calcium Carbonate – [Origin- India]


Our Vietnam Origin Ground Calcium Carbonate are manufacture using HOSOKAWA ALPINE GRINDING LINE – GERMANY (The World Best Grinding Machine)

We offers consistent quality, we have products available from 500 mesh to 6000 mesh.

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