Other Industries

Animal Feeds

Animal feed is food given to domestic animals in the course of animal husbandry.

Animal Feed is the food given to animals which are domestic often refers to fodder in course of care and management of farm animals by humans for profit. Supply of quality feed ensures the health of animals. Various feeds include poultry feed, fish, sheep husbandry, cat food, pet food, pig farming, cattle feeding, dog food, equine nutrition and bird food.

In today ages, the nutritional needs of farm animals are well understood and may be satisfied through natural forage and fodder alone, or augmented by direct supplementation of nutrients in concentrated, controlled form. The nutritional quality of feed is influenced not only by the nutrient content, but also by many other factors such as feed presentation, hygiene, digestibility, and effect on intestinal health.

We are supplier of raw materials for preparing animal feeds.

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Foam Industries

Foam is a substance that is formed by trapping pockets of gas in a liquid or solid. A bath sponge and the head on a glass of beer are examples of foams.
Foams display various unique properties, such as low density, resistance to fatigue, strength, durability, electrical insulation, toughness, and resistance to oils. These polyurethane foams are fulfilling both the insulating and mechanical requirements of customers all over the world. This market is experiencing an enormous growth, which is expected to continue in the near future
We supply; Calcite Powder

We have superior quality of calcite powder available with us. We directly source from state of the art manufactures. We offers consistent quality, we have various grades of products available with us to cater needs of Foam industry.

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Paint Industries

History of Indian paint is as old as Indian people. Earliest painting of Indian Caves goes back to 10,000 BC. Indian paints Industry is estimated at INR 400+ Billion. Paint being emotionally, culturally and religiously related to people, it’s become important for us to supply superior quality of raw materials to paint .

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Cosmetic Industries

The cosmetic segment primarily comprises of colour cosmetics (face, eye, lip and nail care products), perfumes, talcum powder and deodorants.

Talcum powder and Pigments are the most required products for cosmetic manufactures.

We supply; Talc Powder and Pigments like- Leak Red, Rubine Toner etc.

The natural qualities of talc gives cosmetics stability, texture, skin adhesion, slip and water resistance. Talc is pure, odorless and free from impurities. Talc is not only used in Body Talc (Talcum Powder) and Toilet Soaps, but also in Detergents and Washing Powder.
Talc is an important industrial mineral. It is an important filler material for cosmetics and other industries. Our Talc Powder is of high purity, high whiteness, glossy, transparent and translucent, sourced exclusively from best source of mines in India to ensure consistency and tractability.

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Pharma Industries

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production and marketing of medications. Thus, its immense importance as a global sector is evident.
The Indian pharmaceuticals market is the third largest in terms of volume and thirteenth largest in terms of value. Branded generics dominate the pharmaceuticals market, constituting nearly 70 to 80 per cent of the market. India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally with the Indian generics accounting for 20 per cent of global exports in terms of volume.

We supply; Precipitated calcium carbonate

We have Precipitated Calcium Carbonate available with us. We directly source from state of the art Domestic and Global manufactures who have high quality manufacturing facilities and technology. We focus on meeting and exceeding the utmost expectations of our customers in term of Quality of products.

We offers consistent quality, we have products in various technical specifications


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Paper Industries

According to ancient writings paper was first made by a eunuch in the court of the Chinese emperor Ho Ti.

Paper is one of the core industries and is linked to the basic human needs. Paper is the pre-requisite for education and literacy and its use is an index of advancement in these two fields as well as the overall well being of the society.

India first machine-made paper was manufactured in 1812. Indian paper industry has created sustainable livelihood and has helped generating employment for the local population.

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Rubber Industries

India is the third largest producer, fourth largest consumer of natural rubber and fifth largest consumer of natural rubber and synthetic rubber together in the world. With around 6000 units, employing 400 hundred thousand people with a turnover of Rs.200 billions and contributing Rs.40 billions to the National Exchequer through taxes, duties and other levies, the Indian Rubber Industry plays a core sector role in the Indian national economy

We supply; China Clay

We supply an impeccable array of high quality China Clay that has properties to enhance the characteristics of rubber. Our range of China Clay is fulfil the requirements of rubber manufactures and is widely appreciated by the customers as it is free from impurities. Besides, customers can avail the China Clay offered by us at the very competitive prices.

Available in various grades to fulfil requirements of Industry..

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Inks Industries

Inks are chemical compounds used in the printing process in packaging, publication and commercial printing applications. Printing inks are primarily used in the packaging application, followed by usage in publication and commercial printing such as advertisements

We supply; Barytes Powder

The term barytes is derived from the Greek “baros”. It is extracted by both surface and underground mining, followed by physical processing methods to produce correctly sized product and to remove extraneous materials.
We at SNG Microns, offers the superior quality of barytes Powder to the industry.

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Tooth Paste & Powder Industries

Toothpaste has a history that stretches back nearly 4,000 years. Until the mid-nineteenth century, abrasives used to clean teeth did not resemble modern toothpastes. People were primarily concerned with cleaning stains from their teeth and used harsh, sometimes toxic ingredients to meet that goal.

In 1850, Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield, a dental surgeon and chemist, invented the first toothpaste. He was 23 years old and lived in New London

We supply; Calcium Carbonate Powder

We have Ground Calcium Carbonate and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate available with us. We directly source from state of the art Domestic and Global manufactures who have high quality manufacturing facilities and technology. We focus on meeting and exceeding the utmost expectations of our customers in term of Quality of products

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