Caco3, Limestone, Calcite

Calcium Carbonate for filler masterbatch not only cuts down plastic production costs by replacing a part of virgin polymer during extrusion, injection and blow molding, but also increases output, improves production conditions as well as a number of physical and chemical properties of finished plastic products.

With a variaty of choices available with us, we supply industry standards (customized) in the market. CaCO3 filler may remarkably differ in quality due to different formulations (CaCO3 content,  Particle size etc.), producing technologies as well as technical team skills they were made with/by, even in the same country or geographical area.

Various factors must be considered to evaluate overall CaCO3 filler quality; like- Average particle size, top-cuts and calcium carbonate content are the most important ones to influence filler price.

We Supply Calcium Carbonate, Limestone Powder and Calcite to fulfill need of masterbatch Industry. We have Indian as well as Imported Calcium Carbonate, Limestone Powder and Calcite.

Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM004C [Origin- Vietnam]
Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM006C [Origin- India]
Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM775C [Origin- India]
Coated Calcium Carbonate – SM203C [Origin- India]


Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM004 [Origin- Vietnam]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM006 [Origin- India]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM775 [Origin- India]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM203 [Origin- India]
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate – SM208 [Origin- India]


Precipitated Calcium Carbonate – PCC100 [Origin- Vietnam]


Activated Calcium Carbonate – [Origin- India]


Our Vietnam Origin Ground Calcium Carbonate are manufacture using HOSOKAWA ALPINE GRINDING LINE – GERMANY (The World Best Grinding Machine)

We offers consistent quality, we have products available from 500 mesh to 6000 mesh.

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